December 7, 2019
Holiday Inn at Fort Wayne Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN
Prize Money and Awards

Pro-Am Scholarship Prize Money

  1st 2nd 3rd
Closed Bronze Scholarship $100 $75 $50
Closed Silver Scholarship $100 $75 $50
JR and Adult AM/AM Open Scholarships $100 $75 $50
Open Pro/Am Scholarships and AM/AM $200 $150 $100

Equal prize money will be awarded in both American and International in all four styles, as well as Night Club. If less than three competitors, prize moneys will be halved.

Top Teacher

Prize money will be awarded to the Top 5 Instructors of the event. Both Male and Female Instructors with the highest total points, based on the accumulated points system as described below will make up the total of the Top 5 Placements.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Top Teacher $1000 $750 $500 $250 $150
  min. 150 entries min. 100 entries min. 75 entries min. 50 entries min. 25 entries

Top Teacher Bonus Money

300+ entries = $1000 Bonus Awarded to one teacher with the highest total points over 300 Entries  
200+ entries = $750 Bonus Awarded to one teacher with the highest total points over 200 Entries  
100+ entries = $500 Bonus Awarded to one teacher with the highest total points over 100 Entries  

The Top Teacher points are accumulated as follows:

Single or Two Dance Entries:
lst-8 points 2nd-7 points 3rd-6 points 4th-5 points 5th-4 points 6th-3 points 7th-2 points 8th-1 point
4 points for each call back.

Multi — 3, 4 or 5 Dance Entries:
1st-20 points 2nd-15 points 3rd-10 points 4th-8 points 5th-6 points 6th-4 points 7th-2 points 8th-2 points 5 points for each call back.

All points will then be added together resulting in the teacher’s placement.


Top Student Awards

Both Male and Female awards will be presented to the Top Newcomer, Bronze, Silver , Gold and one Top Overall Student.

The point system will be accumulated on the same scale as Top Teacher.

To be eligible, a student must enter a minimum of 25 single dance entries. The newcomer award is ONLY for a student that is competing for the very FIRST time.

Top Amateur Couple

An award will be given to the Amateur couple that has accumulated the highest overall points. A minimum of 25 accumulative single dance entries must be danced.

Pre-teens, Juniors, and Young Adults

Any Pro-Am that pays a reduced entry fee will receive half points as described above.

Top Studio Awards

There will be awards for Local Studios as well as Out of Town studios.

To qualify you must have a minimum of two teachers competing pro-am.

The point system is based on the same scale as Top Teacher.

Local studios are NOT required to have Teachers on a hotel package.

Studio will receive 1 point per Amateur Couple entry danced.